Traveling to france with a guide/assistance dog


The law for accessibility in France requires two documents : a State card that testifies that you have a handicap (carte mobilité inclusion) and a card which is a certificate that your dog received proper assistance dog education.


There is currently no legal recognition of foreign teams since the law only specifies documents issued from French institutions. Therefore, we recommend that your dog wears its assistance dog coat at all time when he is working. In case someone denies  you access, you should present your "handicap state card" and the dog's card. If access is still denied, you must comply because you won't be able to sue the place considering the law. However, if you have a card related to your handicap and your dog has been trained in school certified by IGDF or ADI, please give us a call : we will then engage in a negotiation with the place. We will only do that once you sent us a copy of those documents.