Guide dogs and assistance dogs

Assistance dogs and guide dogs are intended to provide more autonomy and well-being to those who can benefit from them and therefore a form of relief to the loved ones of the person with a disability. They contribute to the resumption of ordinary activities such as playing sports, studying, shopping, etc.



Born from breeding centers with rigorous selections to ensure certain physical and behavioral qualities, guide dogs and assistance dogs receive through their education a specific know-how with a list of specific actions they must be able to perform on command and autonomously. Of course, it is expected that the dog and the beneficiary are compatible. The dog is handled over for free and it will be with the handler 24 hours a day.

In France, the State recognized organisations are training for the following specialties. By clicking on the button,  you will be sent on the French language page. On the bottom of that page, you will find the link sending you to the organisations training the dogs.